Doing transactions for large and smaller scale but ask ourselves a lot of questions. By which raises the anxiety and sense the fear of the transaction. Right here you will find most of the answers to the troubling issues. But if that's not enough, please contact directly with us 24/7, we are at your disposal to give you information on bothering your questions.

Where to direct inquiry?

Inquiries regarding the current offer as well as commercial orders can be sent directly to the office as well as send via the contact form available on our website.

At what time I get an offer?
We will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your request.
Possible forms of delivery of the goods?
Deliveries to customers realize through reliable and verified subcontractors.
We offer transport services by road, sea or air. For selected courses also organize fast connections combined: + sea road.
What are the prices of transportation?
Transport costs calculate individually according to the needs of our customers based on the market offer the best price. Summing up the state get him with the offer as a separate item.
What is the delivery time?
Delivery of goods is determined by the direction of loading and unloading and transport mode. With the answer to the query you will receive the approximate time of transport.
What forms of payment are accepted?
We accept payment by bank transfer to the bank account via Poland International. We accept payment in EUR, USD and PLN.